Boric acid suppositories have a long history of effective use as a treatment for vaginal infections. Studies supporting the value of this supplement date back over a quarter of a century. It's the treatment of choice when conventional antifungal medications stop working or are no longer comfortable. Up to 98% of women who did not have success with other over-the-counter treatments have found success with boric acid suppositories.

Scientific studies have found that it takes just 24 hours for a 600 mg vaginal suppositories to start reliving symptoms. After about 10 days of treatment, the infection is completely cured. Since as many as 75% of all women will develop these infections, having a safe, natural, effective and proven solution – that’s easy to use and inexpensive as well – is vitally important to the health and wellbeing of most women. BalanceLovely™ is pleased to offer this exact solution.


Below are published articles that support the effectiveness of boric acid suppositories:

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