BalanceLovely does not sell or rent your name and personal information to any third parties. We do not use telemarketing to sell products or services, and we do not send spam email to your inbox. BalanceLovely will contact you only to obtain information directly relating to an order you made if necessary. This helps ensure that the proper items are shipped to you in the most efficient and fastest manner. Further, BalanceLovely may contact you to return a phone inquiry from you or to discuss the contents of an email that you sent to us. Other than these types of contact, anyone who contacts you claiming to be from BalanceLovely is probably not legitimate. 

Reviews From Customers

If you post comments in the "Customer reviews" section of this website, we may use those comments elsewhere on the website or in print form. If you don't wish to have your comments published, please contact us right away so we can remove the comment. We want our customers to be confident and comfortable with us at all time and we will thus do our best to ensure your privacy. 

Secure Shopping

This website is designed to be highly secure. We encrypt any credit card information that you enter on this website, and personally identifying information is similarly protected. Further, we regularly enact shopping cart security updates on the website to ensure that we have the latest and most secure technology. When you're shopping on this website, you can trust that your transactions and personal information are protected and safe.